Barga Jazz Festival – Enojazz at Elisa – v 3.0

Barga Jazz Festival – Enojazz at Elisa

The extremely successful 2019 Barga Jazz Festival has been running all this month (all articles about the Festival can be seen (here)

We are almost at the last concerts but last night there was another musical night which did not appear in the very full program for the events but which never the less is of extreme importance to the musicians, staff and  visitors to the Festival – The Eno Jazz.

Above all for the Barga Jazz Orchestra, who are locked into long and sometimes difficult rehearsals in the Teatro dei Differenti – the Eno Jazz after hours jam sessions are their moment to relax and enjoy playing music into the smalls hours with each other before once more packing up their instruments and returning to their respective homes across Tuscany. 

This year the Eno Jazz sessions were held in a new location  – the Elisa Restaurant and Bar in Piazza Annunziata.




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