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Flooded studio – an end in sight ?

Thanks to the prompt intervention of the men from Gaia and Ecovalserchio some of the problems with the studio being flooded in Barga Vecchia during rainstorms should shortly start to be solved.

The violent storm which hit this area on the 6th May 2020  – in a two hour period , 130 mm of rain fell, with at one point, an incredible 21 mm falling in just 15 minutes. and which did so much damage to this area (full article and images here) a lot of it not making  headlines.

People just mopped up and cleared up, and got on with their lives.

Keane’s studio in Barga Vecchia was one of those places hit by the storm with water rising up thorough the floor and flooding the studio.

It took a week to dry out and instal a dehumidifier and build some more shelves inside the studio to keep the paintings off above the floor should the water come back.

Unfortunately, a week later another rain storm, not so heavy as the week before and lasting only a few minutes hit Barga Vecchia and within 10 – 15 minutes, the studio was once again flooded. (full article, images and video here)

Apparently the drainage system in the street outside the studio had been damaged and now any large influx of water means it overflows into the ground and into the nearby studio.

Luckily a video showing the time and the speed of the water coming in was recorded and shown to the men from the Gaia partly responsible for the condition of the water pipes, tubes and channel which run under the ground in Barga Vecchia.

The intervention of the technicians from Ecovalserchio with their  robot with 4K video resolved any question of doubt as on the monitor it clearly showed not one but three enormous holes gouged out by the force of the water running through the channels.

Workmen should start work shortly on digging up the road outside the studio and hopefully the problem will be resolved.