The flag of St. Christopher flies over Barga – v 3.0

The flag of St. Christopher flies over Barga

Once again as tradition has to be respected, a flag now flies over the Duomo to mark the week of celebrations for the  patron of Barga, St. Christopher.

This morning there was a brief ceremony on top of the bell tower of the Duomo as the blue flag of Barga was raised over the city and the bells rung out their “doppio”

Weather and various incidents rendered unusable the flag normally flying from the flagpole of the bell tower of the Cathedral, for the festivities of the patron St. Christopher so back in 2016 it was replaced. (article here)

With Don Stefano, it was decided to include in the flag something which better represented this occasion – the inclusion of the figure of St. Christopher indicating to the boat the right course to take*.

In some of the shop windows in Barga Vecchia, images of St. Christopher have also started to appear as the holiday here in Barga for the patron saint of the city draws closer.

Intemperie e incidenti vari, avevano reso armai inutilizzabile la bandiera, esposta sul pennone del campanile del Duomo, per le feste del Patrono San Cristoforo.

Con Don Stefano, è stato deciso di inserire nella bandiera qualcosa che rimandasse a questa ricorrenza, è stata quindi aggiunta la figura di San Cristoforo che indica alla barca, che rappresenta lo stemma cittadino, la giusta rotta.

Da domani poco prima del Doppio di mezzogiorno, proprio per segnalare la festa ormai imminente, sventolerà dal Duomo. – their site can be seen here

dylan thomas* not sure if anybody has yet noticed that the wind in the sails seem to indicate that the boat is going in the opposite direction and in fact the figure of St. Christopher is looking back to where the boat has just sail from.

The artist Swietland Kraczyna certainly did notice when he made his iconic image of St. Christopher on the Barga Boat more than a decade ago.